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Looking for a home to rent in the North East?

Contact SJP Property Solutions Ltd - making rented accommodation a comfortable place you can truly call home. We support tenants throughout Manchester, Old Trafford, Fallowfield, Sale, Stockport and the North East.

How we help our tenants

Having lived in rented accommodation ourselves, we know how important it is to feel happy and comfortable in the place you call “home”.


A genuine home from home

We believe that a rented property should have a ‘home from home’ feel.  This means a nice, clean, decorated, modern room. This also means having repairs or issues dealt with as promptly as possible.


This is what we will promise to you. You work hard for your money and deserve to have a lovely place to call home, and that is what we will do our best to give to you. We will also pay for the cleaning of communal areas on a regular basis.


All we ask (apart from paying your rent on time!) is that you tidy up after yourselves and respect the property and everyone in it.

If you would be interested in renting from us, please contact us for further info.

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On the search for a flat, room or house to rent?

Contact SJP Property Solutions Ltd today, on 0161 7060473