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Guaranteed rent or 12 months rent in advance, for landlords in the North East

SJP Property Solutions is located in Fallowfield, Manchester. Our job is to make your life as a landlord easier, less stressful and more profitable.

Guaranteed Rent Giving you peace of mind and time to relax!

We offer a solution to landlords who wish to have more free time to pursue other interests.


A fully hands-off service for landlords who don’t want property management as a full-time job but would like a passive guaranteed monthly income, every month, regardless of whether the property is fully rented or not!


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Stage One

Viewing your property

We will view your property and let you know how much guaranteed rent we can offer you.

Stage two


If required, we will refurbish your property. This may include redecoration, repairs and the addition of new furniture.

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Stage three

The tenants

We will acquire tenants who meet your criteria. These could be professionals or students, depending on your requirements.

Stage four

Return on investment

We will have already agreed the guaranteed rent amount and the rental period (usually between 3 – 5 years). This can be negotiated). At the end of the agreed period, you can choose to renew with us or you may wish to sell your property. At the end of the contract, you have the option to do whatever you choose.

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Stage five

Time to relax!

You sit back and earn a passive income whilst we work hard to look after your property and earn a modest living.

Advanced Rent Option (ARO)

We support property entrepreneurs and business owners, providing complete property management, as well as technical administrative assistance across the North East and the UK.

We have recently launched a new service called Advanced Rent Option (ARO).  This option enables Landlords to receive their rent annually, in advance, rather than monthly in arrears.

Click on the calculator to see how much you could get with our new ARO service.

Or click below to find out more.

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Are you interested in guaranteed rent or 12 months rent in advance, minus the hassle?

Contact SJP Property Solutions today on 0161 7060473

What are some of the key benefits you can expect from our services?

Guaranteed rent every single month.

Just sit back and watch the rent arrive on time, every month! We can do this because we charge tenants a slightly higher, yet affordable rent. We take the risk. If rooms are empty or utilities are high, you get paid and we don’t!

No fees. Ever.

With our Rent-to-Rent service, we won’t charge you any management fees!

Total freedom from tenant and property management.

We are fully insured and will manage all aspects of your property giving you freedom from hassle. We will inspect your property and send you updates/photos/video footage (as agreed) on a regular basis.

No more utility bills.

With our Rent-to-Rent service, we pay all the bills – Utilities and Council Tax etc. You won’t have to contribute a single penny towards them!

No more tenant maintenance or dispute calls.

No more calls at evenings or weekends. We will be the point of contact for tenants. In fact, you won’t even need to hear about minor maintenance issues (unless you want to!) as we will take care of them free of charge (up to an agreed amount). Tenant queries or disputes, we will deal with all of these too!

We maintain your property.

We need to be able to fill rooms quickly when people move on. If we have empty rooms, we lose money (not you!) so we are invested in ensuring your property is in tip-top, move-in condition so that we can fill rooms quickly when tenants move on. We can also offer a cosmetic refurb before tenants move in to ensure anyone who views, wants it! This can range from redecoration to new furniture etc. If the refurb is substantial, we would offer to pay you a slightly lower guaranteed rent. This option is great if you don’t want to invest in your property at the moment but want to reap the rewards of an improved asset in the future or, vice versa, if your property is in tip-top condition then we will offer to you the best guaranteed rent we can!